Mortgages Money And Football

So just a little bit about myself; I am from Hull and basically wanted to escape the place as quickly as possible which I soon managed to do at the age of 18 when I  worked for a year in France as a campsite rep


I then headed to University at Glasgow which I actually really enjoyed; I was studying English which I guess is kind of funny bearing in mind that I was in Scotland but they had a great department and I really learned a lot there


I then managed to do a year’s exchange at Boston College which was brilliant and a great experience; it helped a lot that I was 21 so I could actually go out drinking although of course, I got carded wherever I went as they are pretty paranoid about drinking in the USA


So now I have to decide what to do with my life! I didn’t really have a vocation as such so I ended up in sales and after a very short career in advertising I eventually ended up in financial services  but in the sales side rather than the administrative end


I did a few years with a company called City Financial who are not around anymore than a few years with St James’s Place Partnership before ending up with one of the largest providers of financial advice, Intrinsic  


During this time I gradually settled into giving mortgage advice as my main area of business and have been helping clients get their first mortgage or re-mortgage their home ever since.


Recently, I have set up my own website to help advise clients on their mortgage options and to provide free mortgage advice to those that need it. The site is fantastic and I am very proud of it – the name of the site is FindAdviser


As for Hull, the one thing I still have is the support of our local team – Hull City!


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